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Une pensée pour tous !

Mis à jour : 26 avr. 2020

Bonjour à toutes et tous ! (English version below)

En vue de ce qui se passe en ce moment je voulais vous dire que je pense bien fort à vous.

Je partage donc avec vous une de mes dernières vidéos sur la positivité qui pourra vous aider. N'oubliez pas de rester bienveillants les uns envers les autres et le plus positif possible. (autant que vous pouvez)

Je partage avec vous également cet article que j'avais écrit qui pourra vous aider en cas d'angoisse et de panique :


Enfin j'ai beaucoup entendu parler à propos de la vitamine C ces derniers temps je vous conseille donc d'en faire une cure si vous vous sentez faibles ou bien de consommer des aliments en contenant.

Je vous fais des bisous à toutes et tous !


Hi everyone !

In view of what we passing through during this moment, I would like to tell to you that there is no frontiers between our hearts.

We are all on the same planet and we are all humans.

My heart is beating with you and I would like to help a little.

My newsletter and my videos are only in French for now but I can write the essentials points here.

First I made this article who can maybe help you or other people with you.

It's on anxiety attack.


Second I put you some points of my video on positive attitude :

Focus on positive things

Train yourself first to focus your mind on easy things. Try with objects or colors.

For exemple : During this day I will put my focus on red things. So during the day you will see all red things around you. You'll think there were a lot more red things than usual. Well, no, it's just your mind. It's the power of this exercise ;)

Try again another day with something else. You have to practice.

After you will be able to try with positive things. During the day you will put your focus only on good and positive things for you.

Surround yourself with things you love and do things you love

Yeah, I know it's extremely simple. But it's the truth. If you are surround by sad or ugly things on your home, it will not help you to see positive things. So make a check and think. Does this object make me sad ? Is it linked to bad memories ? Does this object still match with me ?

And of course every day make things you love. As much as you can.

And really important : don't put obligations on things you don't like.

Switch your attitude

Become aware of things. If you are negative change your behavior.

Take a step back and ask yourself if you are acting right.

It's hard to put this in place but it's really powerful.

To finish I would like to tell to you that vitamine C is really great in this moment for your health. So you can make a cure or just eat good fruits and vegetables with vitamine C.

I send you a lot of kisses from France !


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